Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Avoiding Issues and Choices

This small model illustrates some of new the features (semantics) in the forthcoming 0.9 release of Southbeach Notation. The lozenge shape we call an 'issue' - sometimes called a 'question'. Effects into an issue drive its resolution. Effects out of an issue only occur once the issue has been resolved. In this model, a business problem is creating the need to resolve an issue. However, lots of reasons are being found/invented to counteract the issue. Which of these two forces win decides whether the business moves beyond the issue to take the decision it needs to take.

The diamond shape represents a 'choice' or 'decision'. Effects into the diamond drive the decision to be taken. The effects out of the diamond are mutually exclusive (unless they are marked as 'inevitable').

Using 'issue' and 'choices', a wide range of new situations can be represented in Southbeach.

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