Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Money does NOT create happiness

In Southbeach Notation 0.9 every effect can be tagged 'NOT'. In addition, effects can be 'potential' (signified in the same way as potential agents using a dotted line).

In this model, money (useful) does NOT create happiness, but money sure has the potential (dotted line) to increase happiness. The ? on the line signifies 'questionable'. That is, the assertion would be disputed by some. Questionable effecs are another new feature in 0.9.

Using NOT is not the same as the counter effect. For example, NOT creating happiness is not the same as destroying happiness.

In Southbeach, effects often form pairs of counter effects, for example:

Contributes To/Detracts From

It is important to understand the difference between these pairs of opposites and NOT. For example, the counter effect to 'Prevents', is not 'Allows'. 'NOT Prevents' is 'Allows'. So what is the counter effect to 'Prevents?' We'll leave you with this exercise.

The introduction of NOT in Southbeach 0.9 allows models to express deficiency and requirements in new ways. This is important in business problem solving, since the absense of something (i.e. NOT), itself may represent a problem, or an opportunity.

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